Don’t Waste Your Vote

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are running for President. Jill Stein (Green), Gary Johnson (Libertarian), Darrell Castle (Constitutional), and ten (10!) others will be on the ballot as well. Let me repeat: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are running for President, no one else. A vote for any other name on the ballot is wasted.
A close friend told me they were going to vote their conscience in the primary. I assume they voted for Ted Cruz as they said they would—cute? Dumb. Clever? Foolish. Brave? Certainly not—we have a secret ballot here in California!
Was I impressed by his bold claim? No, I was disappointed and fearful that he wasn’t alone in his choice. It would have been foolish to vote for someone who’d already pulled out of the race by the time Californians voted.
I have heard this ‘vote my conscience’ statement quite a bit lately…from a lot of Christians. This phrase is part of the new CC—Christian Correctness®, quickly replacing Political Correctness. I’m not referring to Christianity. Christian Correctness does the same thing as Political Correctness: it pigeon holes the user, or better said, makes them part of the right club. It replaces real thought, straight thought, and ultimately, the truth with clever phrases and an unbecoming passive aggressive attitude.
Ted Cruz and John Kasich, both men for whom I held a great deal of respect nine months ago, have proved themselves no more than sophomoric sour grape sore losers in the end, and might earn the dubious title as the ones who put Hillary in office. Hillary will be the first to thank them.
“Dump Trump” and “Never Trump” are the clubs, the sorry self-righteous congregations of those embittered by not getting Ted, Marco or Carly nominated. And why such a nasty epithet—Dump Trump? He’s not like us! Look what he said about Megan Kelly, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.
Donald Trump is not a politician (None of the founding fathers were politician, except perhaps Ben Franklin). Trump might not be good at running, or one might claim he’s too good; he won the nomination big time. I’m not sure why he said much of what he said that was so ugly, but he wants what I want, and I think he can bring it about. He isn’t PC in any way. He believes Christians have taken it in the shins for a long time, and if he’s not against you, he’s for you.
If you vote your conscience, as recently constituted, you will get nothing in return. You will still have your pride…and that little sticker that says so proudly that you voted.
One last word, if you’ve read the first 440 words. The pedestrian, pedantic, dismissive, insulting phrase “I’m going to hold my nose and vote for the lesser of two evils” is just plain nasty. Don’t use it. This seemingly clever phrase warns all those in earshot that they had better not cross the speaker, that it’s what we’re all doing, and that there is no thought beyond this (I’m avoiding conversations with many of my friends till December).
It’s time to grow up. Your vote is precious, don’t waste it. It’s not a game.