Wish I’d Had This Advantage

A close friend thought he was having a heart attack last week. All the tests and doctors opinions boiled down to over exertion. He found that his heart was just fine.  His chest pains were like the ones we got in high school from working out so hard in sports, and breathing like a steam engine.

The pain you get with a heart attack is unique, to say the least. For me, it was large and sudden, and I was getting ready to celebrate Mother’s Day (May 9, 2010) with Diane and the kids—I hadn’t spent two hours swimming laps.  And, it wouldn’t die down.

Forty-five minutes after calling 911, I was in recovery with two stents and no damage to my heart. PTL, if I may.  Since then, I have had stress tests and EKG to make sure things are fine. Things are fine. And, with the stents, I gained back my ability to get a full lung of air, to top it off—I hadn’t been able to do that for about three years! Sometimes now, I take a deep breath like and savor it like I’m eating a Butterfinger candy bar—it’s that pleasant and rewarding.

So, what is this wish, this advantage? Anyone can now get the tests that can help determine your need before you have the attack, or worse—a stroke!    Life Line Screening!

I have friends who have had stents put in because a problem was discovered, but they didn’t have to risk death to find out. LLS advertises on television now, and the cost of the battery is $150. No brainer if you are over 50. Well, at least you can think about it.




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