Fare Share? Taxes?

We have four seasons In California: drought, wildfires, earthquakes, and elections. The election season, more than ever, has become tax season. And, California is a leader in taxing those wealthy people who must be vilified—they have become that Great Gray They, this nameless, faceless evil cadre. Why would anyone want to be a rich person here in the Golden State?
Governor Brown (Governor Moonbeam) actually ran on a “higher taxes” platform, and squeezing every drop from  those at the top who somehow hold all the money, and deny kindergartners food and education. And, no doubt, the drive-by voter feels that those taxes will never fall to them (except as a benefit), or effect them in any bad way—the top one percent is finally, finally going to be made to “pay their fare share.”
There are two reasons or uses for taxes: we need money to provide defense and certain necessary services, and secondly we tax products and institutions we want to destroy or drive out of the state.
Cigarette tax is $4 a pack, and that tax has been very effective in driving down smoking. Baby Boomers recall that back in the fifties—when cigarettes were 25¢ a pack, in vending machines, in restaurants—our parents and grandparents smoked, the neighbors smoked, the barber, people in diners, cars, hotel rooms, on TV… not anymore.
People with money, entrepreneurs, retirees such as I, friends of mine, are leaving the state. If you are wealthy enough to live anywhere, and you are vilified and targeted daily by our state officials (how they love that title: State Officials), why would you stay?


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