Rubbing Donald’s Nose in It

Sunday, October 8, 2016

Wow, (low, disappointed sigh)—an eleven-year old hideous blue torpedo blew up in our faces. That video of Donald Trump’s candid remarks from Hell is indefensible, and a lot of his important supporters have jumped ship.

I’m glad I wasn’t taped saying any of the things I’m ashamed of (and there’s plenty). But, I would never have been arrested, tried, convicted and incarcerated for anything I’ve done. Trump’s statement won’t bring a conviction either, though Hillary hopes it will spell an end to his run.

Eleven years might almost be called recent—it’s being reported as though it was done two days ago when the New York Post released it. I choose to believe that Donald Trump has changed in eleven years, and that this tape as an embarrassment to him, just as it would be to you or me, it’s his past, not his present. Being embarrassed by your past is a good thing if it truly is your past—it keeps you humble; or it humbles you.

I’m gambling on Donald (sure it’s a gamble) that his current business practices support what he currently says, that women enjoy working for him, and that as President he will do goode for all Americans. And it’s better to be ashamed today than to be impeached in February.

On the other hand. Hillary, having the press and a crew of 120 “hired guns”  ferreting out all the dirt she can find on one person for the purpose of destroying him, shows her to be a very talented leader, a specialist, a seasoned politician.

Hillary is not a gamble. She is everything we know her to be. She has proved she is secretive, greedy and self-aggrandizing—currently! When Trump is plied with the question, “Will you support the Presidency if you do not win?” he should answer: “Whether or not I win, I will see that Hillary Clinton is prosecuted for her crimes.”

Hillary’s power to bring down thunder, and to enjoy the help of the press, FBI Director Comey’s protection, and her special 120 person research team, is sickening and terrifying—such power! I’m reminded that one day we will stand before God (to see a video of our lives?) and that we will answer for every word we’ve spoken, and all our actions. As Hillary and Company dig and dig into Trump’s past, she grasps this kind of control, the kind of knowing that belongs only to God. The image of the climax of “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” when the Ark of the Covenant is opened comes to mind, when the German gets all the power he was looking for—pay day!

Hillary has perfected the new politics in her relentless pursuit of power and wealth. In the past, things said and done by candidates were off limits—Presidents were elected on policy and their ability to do the job. Hillary is doing everything she can to distract the conversation from policy and her record, and to keep Trump from talking about his plans or owning his record (his successes).

Vote for Donald because he can do the job of restoring sanity to the United States of America. Notice how he listens to us—listening and hearing a person, looking them in the eyes when they speak, is the highest form of love we can share on any typical day.

Donald Trump has spent time with the people while Hillary has sequestered herself, preparing every word she will say, learning how to get Donald to react. Donald is a builder, a doer; and Hillary is a talker, a politician.

One last image comes to mind from “Runaway Bride.” Richard Geer plays Ike, a reporter, who has gotten to know Maggie (Julia Roberts), the Runaway Bride, and become sympathetic to her plight.  At her rehearsal dinner, when her family and friends deliver toasts, each a running gag kept afloat for years at her expense, he is forced to deliver a toast.

Ike: You want me to make a toast?  Okay…
I’ll give you a toast.  To Maggie’s
family and friends.  May you find
yourselves the bull’s eye of an easy
target.  May you be publicly flogged
for all of your bad choices and may
your noses be rubbed in all of your






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